Alpikord and Alpilignum are a plastic, glossy and ecofriendly material.

Alpikord Alpilignum is an environmentally friendly of Alpikord veneer are wood-based and multilayered laminated Alpilignum Alps in HPL and pre-finished. living material, certified, eco-sustainable, ALPS uses wooden poplar, linden or Ayous decomposed and recomposed in endless woods, finishes and decorations. A unique proposal for variety, with superior quality characteristics, without the typical defects of the traditional wood, with unlimited solutions, to catalog and request more consistent in color and size, reproducible over time, for a multitude of situations, for horizontal and vertical surfaces . The beauty of real wood, the reduction in processing costs and its aesthetic refinement make a Alpikord of excellence for the furniture. How Alpikord distributors, we have selected a range of decorative always available for immediate delivery at our warehouse you can see on this page or at our office. The two major product families Alps, Alpilignum and Alpikord are two large real instruments relating to projects of uniqueness and effect.
Alpikord and Alpilignum are made of an ecofriendly and gloss plastic material. Alpilignum is a decorative multilayer wood veneer. Alpikord is a prefinished wood veneer. ALPI uses Poplar, Tilia and Ayous wood, disassembled and recreated with a large choice of finishes and decorations. Alpi offers a very large catalogue with superior qualities, without the classic wood’s flaws, unlimited solutions and applicability. Cattani Carlo & C., in quality of Alpi’s supplying, has selected a large choice of products, always ready to look and to delivery.

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