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KRION® Solid Surface

KRION® is a next generation solid surface developed by Systempool, a PORCELANOSA Group company. It is a highly pleasant material, similar to natural stone. The composition of KRION® consists of two-thirds natural minerals combined with a low percentage of high resistance resins which provide its unique characteristics: an absence of pores, anti-bacterial, hard wearing, resistant, durable, easy to repair, low maintenance and easy to clean.

It is processed in a similar way to wood and can be cut into sheets, joined and thermoformed to make curved elements, etc. This solid surface is even possible to use in an injection moulding production process to create different designs and projects that would be impossible to create using other materials.

Its warm surface is pleasant to touch and can withstand attacks by concentrated acids, is highly resistant to all types of stains and is unaffected by chemical products, including solvents.

Its lack of pores and proven resistance to adverse weather conditions also make it suitable for outdoor use. It can be used to create spectacular new coverings for buildings, such as the façade of the new Bershka building in Calle Preciados in Madrid.

Furthermore, its resistance to heat and fireproof properties mean that this solid surface can be in contact with any heat source without being damaged.

Its use in the food industry is certified by standard UNE-EN ISO 1186. KRION® is a hypoallergenic, antibacterial material that is also additive-free, in comparison with other materials that achieve these properties through a combination of biocides to which bacteria can become immune over time; this does not happen in surfaces made from KRION® Solid Surface. For this reason, it is also suitable for use in medical centres, and is recommended for medical clinics, hospital wards, treatment rooms and even operating theatres, the latter requiring extremely hygienic conditions.

KRION® presents designers with a wide range of options due to its extensive range of finishes, with a wide range of colours including a pure white, and offers great possibilities in terms of design.

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